Stingray City Cayman – what you need to know!

Visit The Stingray City Sandbar at Grand Cayman

If you want to experience one of the most interesting and impacting times of your life, you should make it a point to visit Stingray City, Grand Cayman.

You can book a cruise on a tour boat and you and your party will be taken to the sand bar that stretches parallel to the beach, where you actually get into the water with the gentle Southern stingrays. They love to be fed and held, believe it or not. There is also a large amount of bioluminescence near stingray city in thr Cayman Islands.

The water is crystal clear, and very warm, and the sting rays are very plentiful. They like to have their stomachs rubbed. You will be provided goggles and snorkels so you can observe the rays gently gliding along the white sandy bottom, slowly and deliberately.

Amazingly, the rays are very tame and seem to be like big water borne puppy dogs, craving to be fed and held and petted. The time spent in the water is approximately 40 minutes in length, and the rays are always coming up to you, begging for food and attention. This is an amazing experience, especially since it always assumed that sting rays are aggressive and dangerous.

The Stingray City Sandbar is only accessible by boat as it is a natural formation that is too far out to swim. The water at the site is about waist deep on an adult, and the water is so clear that you can easily see your toes.

You can see the rays from the surface of the water as the circle about, hoping that you might caress them or feed them. If you want to get a better look from underneath the water, that is what your mask and snorkel are for.

Visitors come back from the excursion with a memory that will last a lifetime and an experience they can share forever.

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