Our Mission

Our mission is simple: provide the best possible information about Caymans unique bioluminescent bay, and let everyone know exactly why kayaking is the best method to get there.

Most people think that this is best viewed from the shore, but only on kayak can you get up close to the bioluminescence. Most people in Grand Cayman have their own boat or kayak, but if you are visiting, there are companies who specialise in Cayman bioluminescence tours.

boat and kayak bioluminescence tours in the Caymans

Most people staying near seven-mile beach in Grand Cayman have to drive an hour to Rum Point in order to see this bioluminescence, but some companies actually leave from near Seven Mile beach on a boat, and it is only a 15 minute boat ride across North Sound to get to the destination. With all the amazing things to do here, it is easy to become overwhelmed, but this is definitely the most worthwhile experience you can have here in the Cayman Islands.