Cool organisms that you will see on the Cayman Bioluminescence Tours!

The Beauty and Nature of Bioluminescent Animals

Bioluminescent animals have the curious ability to turn their life energy into illumination. You have undoubtedly witnessed the marvel of the firefly, the most common example of bioluminescence in nature. It may surprise you to know that humans themselves are bioluminescent, although at a very low level undetectable to the human eye in most conditions.
The most dramatic displays of bioluminescence can be seen in the oceans and beaches across the world from Japan to the Cayman Islands. Visitors to these locations have often witnessed an amazing spectacle as the seascapes light up with a the glow and glitter of millions of tiny marine organisms.
Marine animals have developed these special abilities for a number of reasons. Minuscule marine organisms use bioluminescence to signal availability during mating season. Certain species of squid will dispel a bioluminescent cloud into the face of their enemy in order to make good their escape. The devious Anglerfish uses a bioluminescent lure to attract a meal.

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In some cases the animals bioluminescence is not a personal quality but the side effect of having bioluminescent bacteria collect in or on their body. With most animal bioluminescent qualities are due to the correct chemical process their bodies have developed most often this is used to communicate.
The bioluminescent abilities that these animals have developed have become complex indeed, evidence shows that bioluminescence has evolved and been upgraded by the evolutionary process at least 40 times over. Making it not only the most widespread form of communication on the planet but also the most sophisticated form of communication on the planet.

The marvels of bioluminescence are a breathtakingly beautiful phenomena. The bacteria themselves are highly responsive and the lapping of waves against a boat or the disturbance of the water by a swimming person can cause them to react in a spectacular display of lights and color.

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